Obviously, since I am running as an independent for President, I would prefer to be the winner of the general election. However, I do endorse the following progressive candidates to get their party’s nomination:

I endorse Marianne Williamson to become the Democratic Party Nominee. Although I realize at this point that Biden is the presumptive Nominee, Williamson is by far the best candidate and SHOULD be the Nominee.

I endorse Jill Stein to become the Green Party Nominee:



Barbara Lee

(Democrat–Open Seat)


Bernie Sanders


U.S. House of Representatives


Raul Grijalva, District 7



Ro Khanna, District 17


Maxine Waters, District 43



Maxwell Frost, District 10


Jen Perelman, District 23



Jonathan Jackson, District 1


Delia Ramirez, District 3


Chuy Garcia, District 4



Ayanna Pressley, District 7



Rashida Tlaib, District 12



Ilhan Omar, District 5



Cori Bush, District 1


New York:

Nydia Velazquez, District 7


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, District 14


Jamaal Bowman, District 16



Susheela Jayapal, District 3

(Democrat–Open Seat)


Summer Lee, District 12



Joaquin Castro, District 20


Greg Casar, District 35



Pramila Jayapal, District 7



Mark Pocan, District 2



Becca Balint, District 1


Other Candidates

I also encourage voters who live in the Congressional districts of the following progressive Democratic incumbents to vote for them in the Democratic primaries and in the general election:

Donald Beyer, (Virginia, District 8)

Andre Carson, (Indiana, District 7)

Mark DeSaulnier, (California, District 10)

John Garamendi, (California, District 8)

Al Green, (Texas, District 9)

Jim McGovern, (Massachusetts, District 2)

Jamie Raskin, (Maryland, District 8)

Bonnie Watson Coleman, (New Jersey, District 12)

There are only about 30 progressives currently serving in Congress. There is a so-called “Congressional Progressive Caucus” with almost 100 members. But don’t be fooled. Most of its members are NOT progressive–not even a little bit. 

We need progressive candidates to run for every single seat in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Every single Republican incumbent needs a strong working-class progressive challenger, and every single Democratic incumbent not listed on this page needs a working-class progressive challenger in the Democratic primaries. 

We also need working-class progressives to run for every state and local office across the U.S. This includes races for Governor, State Legislature, judicial races, Mayor, City Council, County Commission, and every other office. 

If you are a working-class progressive and are not already running in this election, please consider running in the next election. The only way to ever make the system work for working-class Americans is for working-class Americans to run for office and get elected, so that we can make the system work for ALL Americans, not just a privileged few. 

To Request an Endorsement:

If you are a candidate for any office and would like to request an endorsement, or know a candidate you would like to see get an endorsement, please fill out the contact form linked below, with “Endorsement Request” as the Subject, and include the candidate’s name and website in the Message, as well as any other information you would like to include about the candidate.

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