I am running for President because the American people deserve to have the opportunity to support and vote for a working-class progressive who will work for the good of the American people, not just corporations and billionaires.

The only way we are ever going to change things and make the system work for the average American is for working-class Americans to organize, and run for office ourselves, and for working-class Americans to support and vote for those candidates. We cannot rely on millionaires and billionaires, establishment politicians, or a privileged political class to do the job for us.

Establishment politicians don’t work for us. They never have and they never will. They work for their billionaire and corporate donors. And the super rich and those who live privileged lifestyles will never truly understand what it is like to be a middle-class, working-class, or poor American. If the majority of Americans want elected officials who are going to actually work for us, then we are going to have to empower ourselves.

Early in 2023, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and I am currently undergoing treatment to get it into remission. But I am still running for President. The cancer caused me to get a late start, but what is at stake is far too important to sit this election out.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is made up of climate scientists from all over the world, we have until 2030 to cut carbon emissions by at least 50%, in order to avoid multiple tipping points which will have catastrophic consequences.

The election in 2024 is our last chance to elect a President and Congress who will act decisively in dealing with the Climate Crisis before it is too late to avoid climate devastation.

Furthermore, the gap between rich and poor continues to get ever wider, more and more Americans are struggling just to make ends meet, tens of millions of Americans STILL don’t have adequate healthcare, the rights of LBGTQIA+ Americans are under attack, black Americans continue to face systemic racism, and we have an out of control right-wing extremist Supreme Court that is taking away the basic civil rights of more and more Americans, and making decisions that benefit corporations over the American people, just to name a few of our problems.

Unfortunately, the current Administration and Congress are not addressing these problems. There are a few courageous progressive Democrats in Congress fighting for us, but it is not enough. We need a progressive President, and a progressive majority in Congress, who will do what needs to be done for our planet and for the American people. Every day we wait, more Americans suffer from poverty and injustice, and we get closer and closer to the point of no return in dealing with the Climate Crisis.

I am running because there is no other working-class progressive in the 2024 race for President. And I encourage other working-class progressive Americans to make the decision now to run for Senate, House of Representatives, Governors, and other state and local offices. Together, we can change our government and make it finally work for the American people.

Please watch my videos on the News page of this website, and please take a look at my Platform, and consider making a financial contribution to help us make make more people aware of this campaign, so that American voters can have a real candidate for the people to vote for this election. And please consider volunteering to help our campaign.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Love, Compassion, Empathy, and Respect,

Jimmy Cooper